20th Annual Pa‘ia Bay Beachfest

Saturday January 21st

& Sunday January 22nd, 2017

presented in partnership with Kai Lenny & Positively Kai.

Kai Lenny

20th Annual Pa'ia Bay Beachfest, dubbed Beachfest XX, made a HUGE splash on Saturday January 21 and Sunday January 22 at Pa'ia Bay on Maui's legendary North Shore. The event was produced by Kai Lenny with Positively+Kai and the Pa'ia Youth & Cultural Center.

Despite stormy conditions and big waves, over 108 competitors registered for a total entry of 162 division entries. Competitors could enter multiple divisions. Judged by Kona Kuailani, Enoka Hue Sing, Rick Asuncion, Cary Kayama, and Marlon Tumacder, with special celebrity guest judges Dave and Jeff Hubbard, Kainoa McGee, Blaze Anderson, and Kai Lenny. Dave, Jeff, and Kainoa visited Maui specifically to support this contest, taking a break from their professional bodyboarding careers. Blaze Anderson is the founding director of the StoneWave Skate Park and a former program director of the PYCC. Kai Lenny is a PYCC alumni who, because of his incredible talent and success in the world of extreme water sports, was able to rally his generous support and the support of his sponsors to help make this year Beachfest the most attended and most competitive event at Pa'ia Bay...ever!

Blessing performed by Hoku Chong.


Be sure to check out the local wave action on the PYCC Pa'ia Bay webcam.

Since 1995, the dream of a few ambitious young bodyboarders in Pa'ia has maintained its status as a highlight event during the winter season on Maui's North Shore. The Pa'ia Bay Beachfest Bodyboard & Surf Competition has grown into an instrumental tour-de-force for Maui's young bodyboarders and surfers to boast their styles, tricks and barrel-riding aptitude.

The competition is organized by PYCC alumni, staff and community board-riders. The Pa'ia Bay Beachfest is held directly on the beachside of the PYCC facility at Pa'ia Bay, usually during December or January. These months are peak swell times for the North Shore. Registration begins at 7 a.m. and the first heat is in the water at 8 a.m. The event concludes with an awards ceremony at sunset.

Competitors and volunteers are treated to a delicious plate lunch and will also receive a collectors T-shirt with graphic design by PYCC members and alumni.

Thanks to the generous support of local and international sponsors, competitors will have the chance to take home some incredible gear and prizes. The PYCC will deejay music from sunrise to sunset to keep the positive vibes going!

Divisions include Menehune (ages 9-13, all genders), Juniors (ages 14-17, all genders), Women (all ages), Men (all ages), Drop Knee (all ages, genders) and Free Surfing (all ages, genders). A typical event can exceed 100 competitors in the various divisions, often with most of the competition focused on Menehune and Juniors, which make it a very exciting event for everyone in the 'ohana.

This is an alcohol-, drug- and tobacco-free event for the whole family.

Please contact us with questions and comments.

Beachfest XX Results

PRO-AM CHAMPION: Kona Kuailani

Runners Up: Ridge Lenny, Mack Crilley, Travis Nishioka, Jonah Romero, Cody Mailou

Menehune Finals

1st - Chase Anderson
2nd - Dylan Notley
3rd - Keegan Hart
4th - Taj Newton
5th - Alijah Bertleman
6th - Jake Notley

JR Finals

1st - Jared Gifford
2nd - Alex Fahland
3rd - Antonio Mason
4th - Moku Naele
5th - Miles Obley
6th - Trae Trippelgrow

Kane (18 & Over)

1st - Noa Kinchoy
2nd - Travis "Mongols" Nishioka
3rd - Malcolm Mason
4th - Jesse Walsh
5th - Cody Mailou
6th - Jason Sacapanio

Wahine Open

1st - Ginger Prados
2nd - Cassandra Silva
3rd - Kimi King
4th - Samantha Donaldson
5th - Christina Naish

Drop Knee

1st - Mack Crilley
2nd - Jacob Romero
3rd - Cody Mailou
4th - Keoni Sarsona
5th - Jason Sacapanio
6th - Darren Buckley

13 & Under Kane Surf

1st - Kayam Amor
2nd - Chase Anderson
3rd - Kanoa Kaiwi
4th - Alijah Bartleman
5th - Finn Spenser
6th - Otis Buckingham

14 & Over Kane Surf

1st - Marco Rista
2nd - Axel Rosenblad
3rd - Kai Paula
4th - Connor Prados
5th - Lucas Gutierrez
6th - Zack Newton

Wahine Surf

1st - Anja Liotta
2nd - Tatiano Ebro
3rd - Lucia Valdez
4th - Ellie Brown
5th - Nora Liotta
6th - Hadley Talavs